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Gemstone Sourcing

Tok Jewellers only stocks gemstones from ethical sources and ensures that all its gemstones are conflict-free to the best of our knowledge, based on written and verbal guarantees from our suppliers. This policy is in line with the Kimberly Process developed by the United Nations. 

Our vast international supplier network gives us access to the most comprehensive range of precious and semi-precious gemstones. If we don’t have a particular gemstone in stock, we can easily source it for you.


We are proud to say YES. Our sourcing policy is in line with the Kimberly Process, which was developed by the United Nations and ensures that all gemstones we stock are ethically sourced.

We are able to have any gemstone independently certified for a small fee. The gemstone will be taken to the local gemstone laboratory, where it will be tested, measured, weighed and photographed. All these details will be presented in a professional report for you to keep.

With the exception of natural diamonds, it is very rare to come across a natural gemstone that hasn't been treated. Natural gemstones are usually treated in order to improve their colour, clarity and durability, thereby making them suitable and desirable for jewellery. Most treatments are harmless to the wearer, are stable (meaning they won’t reverse over time) and cannot be detected by the naked-eye. Where a gemstone has been treated (very commonplace for coloured precious and semi-precious gemstones), the details of the treatment have been described and disclosed to the customer before committing to the purchase - this is to ensure total transparency.

Most definitely! You are able to commission one of our specialist gem cutters and have your very own gemstone cut and polished just for you. We can work with you to help you source your ideal size, colour and shape.

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